Having a website can seem like almost a formality these days. You know your business needs one – but do you know why? And do you know how changes in your web design can affect your business?

What your website can do for your business depends a lot on your industry, your market, and how you choose to use your site. At Daley Design, we’ll help you create a site that meets (or exceeds!) all your web marketing needs. But first, you have to be able to answer some questions:

1. Why do I need a new website? What is my current site (or lack of a website) preventing me from doing?

2. What are the goals of my new site? What will prospects and clients do when they visit?

3. Who is my target audience? What will they be looking for when they visit my site?

4. What functionality would I like to see in the new site? What are the “have to haves” vs. the “nice to haves”?

5. What action would I like customers to take on the site? (e.g. call us, email us, purchase something)

6. Who are my competitors and what are they doing (successfully & not so successfully)?

7. What kind of website do I need (informational, e-commerce, blog, personal website, community building website)?

8. What’s my budget/ timeline? Are my goals reasonable and achievable with my desired budget and timeline, or do I need to make changes?

The best website design doesn’t happen because a web developer tells a client what they need, or does whatever they want to a client’s site. Great design is a collaborative process, a sharing of needs and design ideas that ultimately results in a site that becomes both your biggest sales tool and your best design inspiration.

Want to learn more about Daley Design’s process, and how we can help you succeed? We’d love to chat. Give us a call today at 314-580-6152 or email me [email protected].

Your friend,

Maureen Daley,

Creative Director at Daley Design

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