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Tee Rak Thai approached Daley Design with a challenge to stand out from their competition and create a unique brand identity that truly reflected the vibrancy and playfulness of Thai street food. They wanted their love of food and cooking to show through their branding.

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Objectives: The main objective was to create a brand identity that would help Tee Rak Thai to stand out from their competitors in the crowded world of food trucks and farmer’s markets. They wanted a unique and playful brand that would truly reflect the essence of Thai street food.

Approach: Daley Design worked closely with the owners of Tee Rak Thai to understand their vision for the brand. The team decided to use bold and playful colors that would be reminiscent of the vibrant street markets in Northern Thailand. A rich blue, bright yellow, and red were chosen as the main colors for the brand. The logo itself was designed to mimic a smile, conveying the happiness and joy that comes from eating delicious Thai food.

The website was designed with social feeds to keep customers up-to-date on Tee Rak Thai’s locations and specials. The team also created graphics and illustrations that would showcase the essence of Thai street food.

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Results: The new branding was an instant hit with Tee Rak Thai’s followers, who were immediately drawn to the bright and playful design. The website saw an increase in traffic, and the social media pages saw an increase in followers.

Logo Design for Tee Rak
Responsive Website Design for Tee Rak Thai

Conclusion: Daley Design’s creative approach helped Tee Rak Thai to stand out in a crowded market. The bold and playful branding truly reflects the essence of Thai street food and the vibrant culture that surrounds it. Thanks to Daley Design’s hard work and creativity, Tee Rak Thai now has a brand identity that sets them apart from their competitors in the crowded world of food trucks and farmers markets.

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5 Star Reviews Graphic

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