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Daley Design elevated Elmtree Funds’ online presence by delivering a cutting-edge WordPress website. The site features a custom interactive video, clean modern design, interactive map, and custom flyout menu. With a dynamic user experience, the website successfully showcases Elmtree Funds’ global reach and investment expertise, setting them apart in the competitive investment management industry.

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Elmtree Funds is a well-established investment management firm with a diverse range of clients and a global presence. They sought to enhance their online presence with a more interactive and visually captivating website. The objective was to showcase their expertise, services, and investment opportunities in a modern and engaging manner. To achieve this, they turned to Daley Design for their expertise in WordPress web design and development.

Client Direction: Elmtree Funds provided Daley Design with specific direction and examples from competitor websites that they admired. The key points emphasized in the client’s vision were as follows:

  1. Interactive Elements and Parallax Effects: The client wanted to make the website more interactive, incorporating parallax scrolling and other engaging elements. 

  2. Custom Interactive Video on the Home Page: Elmtree Funds desired a custom interactive video on the home page that would feature footage of various industries and locations they have invested in. The video was meant to create an immersive experience for visitors, captivating their interest right from the start.

  3. Clean and Modern Design: The client favored a clean and modern design approach. They specifically admired the use of white space, simple navigation with a hamburger menu, and well-designed banners.

  4. Interactive Map: Elmtree Funds wanted an interactive map integrated into the website to showcase their global reach and investment locations. 

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Daley Design’s Solution: Daley Design embraced the client’s vision and carefully crafted a dynamic website that combined modern aesthetics with interactive elements. The website was designed and developed in WordPress, ensuring easy content management and future scalability. The key features included in the final design were as follows:

  1. Home Page with Interactive Video: To engage visitors, a custom interactive video was prominently displayed on the home page. The video showcased stunning drone shots of various industries and locations where Elmtree Funds had invested. 

  2. Clean and Modern Design: Daley Design implemented a clean and modern design approach, the website featured ample white space, a sleek hamburger menu that provided more detailed information, and simple yet effective banners.

  3. Interactive Map and Timeline: The website incorporated an interactive map that showcased Elmtree Funds’ global investment locations.

  4. Innovative Contact Page: The contact section on Elmtree Funds’ website featured an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for visitors to get in touch.

Elmtree Home Page

Results and Impact: The collaboration between Daley Design and Elmtree Funds resulted in a highly interactive, modern, and visually captivating website. The custom interactive video on the home page immediately grabbed visitors’ attention and encouraged them to explore further. The dynamic design elements, parallax scrolling, and interactive map and timeline provided an immersive experience, keeping visitors engaged and interested.

The website’s clean and modern design, inspired by industry-leading competitors, positioned Elmtree Funds as a forward-thinking and reliable investment management firm. The integration of a branded portfolio map and the innovative contact page added to the website’s effectiveness in attracting potential investors and clients.

Overall, the new website designed and built by Daley Design became an impactful digital asset for Elmtree Funds. It successfully conveyed the company’s expertise, global reach, and commitment to innovation. The website’s interactive and visually appealing nature set it apart from competitors, enhancing Elmtree Funds’ online presence and contributing to their continued success in the competitive investment management landscape.

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“delivered high quality work and a great value.”

– Bill S.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“quick to respond and exceeded my expectations”

– Danielle M.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“beautiful and effective marketing”

– Mary P.


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