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We were excited when Bartlett Landscape Group, previously known as Turf Works, approached us for their rebranding project. Our team started by conducting thorough research to understand the company’s values, mission, and goals. It became clear that Bartlett Landscape Group had outgrown its previous brand and needed a new identity that better reflected its expertise in landscape design and build.

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We began by creating a new logo that was modern, professional, and timeless. Our team designed a green leaf symbol that represented the company’s focus on the natural world and their commitment to sustainability. Paired with a modern and bold font, the logo conveyed a sense of confidence and expertise.

Once we completed the logo design, we created a brand design that focused on the high level of landscape design and build that Bartlett Landscape Group provides. We used warm and bright colors, such as green and navy, to communicate the company’s expertise and attention to detail. The bright green made the company stand out in a sea of competitors.

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With the branding completed, we then moved on to creating a new website for Bartlett Landscape Group. We designed a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate site with a clean and modern layout that showcased the company’s portfolio and services. The same color scheme and design elements from the branding were used throughout the website to ensure consistency.

We also created print materials for the company, including business cards and postcards, using the same branding elements to ensure consistency and easy recognition. To complete the project, we designed eye-catching truck and trailer wraps featuring the new branding, making it easy for people to identify the company’s vehicles on the road.

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Landscaping Website Design
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Thanks to our work, Bartlett Landscape Group now has a cohesive brand identity that accurately represents their expertise and attention to detail. The new branding, website, print materials, and vehicle wraps have helped Bartlett Landscape Group stand out in their industry and attract new customers. The company has seen an increase in inquiries and business since the rebranding, and we are thrilled to have helped them achieve such a successful outcome.

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“delivered high quality work and a great value.”

– Bill S.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“quick to respond and exceeded my expectations”

– Danielle M.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“beautiful and effective marketing”

– Mary P.


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