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Lily Hospice approached Daley Design with the need for a website that would effectively represent their newly established organization and convey their unique approach to end-of-life care. As a new hospice agency, Lily Hospice aimed to emphasize their personalized, compassionate service and the importance of creating meaningful experiences for their patients. 

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Client Objectives:

  1. Quick Implementation: Lily Hospice required a brochure-style website that could be launched promptly, with the ability to add content, testimonials, and videos in the future.
  2. Personal Service and Connection: Lily Hospice wanted to highlight their commitment to personalized care, showcasing the stories behind their name and the founders’ dedication to providing a caring experience.
  3. Target Audience: Lily Hospice aimed to reach medical professionals, individuals, children, and decision-making women (65-75%).
  4. Differentiation: Lily Hospice wanted to stand out from other hospices by emphasizing their dedication to creating a good end-of-life experience, focusing on individual passions and hobbies to make those experiences happen.
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Design and Development Process:

Daley Design embarked on a comprehensive design and development process to create a WordPress website that aligned with Lily Hospice’s objectives and effectively represented their brand. 

Moving forward, Lily Hospice now possesses a platform that can be easily expanded and updated to accommodate testimonials, videos, and additional content as their organization grows. With the ability to receive client reviews and share them on the website, Lily Hospice can build credibility and trust among their target audience. The user-friendly interface empowers Lily Hospice to maintain an up-to-date online presence, ensuring they continue to connect with medical professionals, individuals, and decision-making women who play a crucial role in end-of-life care decisions.

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– Danielle M.

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– Mary P.


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