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Erin Joy approached Daley Design to revamp her brand identity and website, with the objective of accurately representing her experience and effectively communicating her coaching packages to potential clients in two cities. The new signature style logo, warm color scheme, and modern mobile-optimized website positioned Erin as an experienced and approachable consultant, ultimately leading to more business.

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Background: Erin Joy is a seasoned executive consultant with over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, business strategy, and executive coaching. She founded Erin Joy Business Coaching & Consulting to help women business owners and executives launch, propel, and grow their companies. Erin realized that her branding and website design needed an overhaul to better reflect her expertise and approach. She approached Daley Design and we worked closely with a local woman owned marketing agency to help her with this project.

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Objective: The primary objective was to create a new brand identity that accurately represented Erin’s extensive experience in executive coaching and consulting. We were also tasked with designing a new website that would effectively communicate Erin’s coaching and consulting packages to potential clients in St. Louis and Kansas City.

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Approach: Daley Design began by conducting a thorough brand discovery process to understand Erin’s vision and goals for her brand. They reviewed Erin’s current brand materials, website, and social media accounts and interviewed her to gain a deeper understanding of her business and target audience. Daley Design worked closely with Erin to develop a signature style logo that was inviting, friendly, and conveyed her expertise. We also developed a color scheme that was warm and welcoming, using navy, gold, coral, a mix of blues, and a pop of green. The typography was selected to complement the new logo and convey Erin’s brand personality.

The website design was focused on creating a user-friendly experience that effectively communicated Erin’s coaching and consulting packages. Daley Design developed a clean and modern layout that was optimized for mobile devices. The website showcased Erin’s extensive experience and expertise, providing potential clients with a clear understanding of the customized coaching packages that she offered.

Erin Joy Website Design

Results: The new brand identity and website design were a resounding success. Erin was thrilled with the final product and felt that it accurately represented her business and approach. The new branding and website design helped to position Erin as an experienced and approachable executive consultant, which resonated well with her target audience. The website saw an increase in traffic and engagement after the rebranding was completed, which ultimately led to more business for Erin. Overall, the project was a success, and the design agency was able to effectively capture Erin’s expertise and approach through the new branding and website design.

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“delivered high quality work and a great value.”

– Bill S.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“quick to respond and exceeded my expectations”

– Danielle M.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“beautiful and effective marketing”

– Mary P.


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