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Willow Design Group

Willow Design Group is a construction & home renovation company based in St. Louis. They offer general contracting, remodeling, renovations, and custom renovating services to homeowners and potential homeowners. Their focus on professionalism, systems, processes, communication, and building lasting relationships sets them apart from competitors.

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Client’s Branding Goals

Willow Design Group aimed to establish a brand identity that reflected their professionalism, reliability, approachability, and adaptability. The branding should differentiate them from competitors and convey strength and established expertise.

Key Considerations

  1. Mission Statement: Providing construction services to great people in St. Louis.
  2. Vision Statement: Creating a world where homeowners rave about their experience and showcase excellent finished products.
  3. Descriptive Sentence: A customer-centric construction company that delivers.
  4. Branding Themes: Reliable, quality-focused, approachable, trustworthy, adaptable, and a touch of modernity.
Willow Branding Guide
Willow Build Group logo

Brand Design Solutions by Daley Design

Daley Design collaborated with Willow Design Group to create a comprehensive brand identity. The solutions included a logo, color palette, typography, yard signs, and a custom landing page, while simultaneously working on the full-scale WordPress website design build to generate leads.

Logo Design: The logo featured a combination of house shapes symbolizing growth and prosperity. It conveyed reliability, transparency, and professionalism.

Color Palette: The nature-inspired color palette included navy blue, gold, pale green, cloud blue, and slate blue. Each color represented different qualities, reinforcing trust and reliability.

Willow Build Group Icon
Willow Build Group Logo

Typography: A combination of sans-serif and serif fonts was chosen to ensure legibility, modernity, and versatility.

Yard Signs: Eye-catching yard signs showcased the brand logo, messaging, and contact information to attract potential homeowners and highlight the company’s professionalism.

Custom Landing Page: A custom landing page showcased the brand elements and encouraged visitor engagement.

Willow Mobile Mock
Kitchen & Bath

Results and Impact

The cohesive brand identity created a memorable and consistent presence. The logo, color palette, and typography conveyed reliability, quality, and approachability. The yard signs effectively attracted attention, while the custom landing page generated leads and enhanced customer engagement. The brand identity will support the full-scale website design build, setting Willow Design Group apart from competitors and establishing them as a reliable, customer-centric construction company.

Overall, the collaboration between Willow Design Group and Daley Design successfully communicated the client’s unique value proposition. The strong brand identity will continue to support Willow Design Group’s growth and success as they deliver exceptional construction services and exceed customer expectations.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“Thank you for your amazing designs and visual branding! We love our logo and brand identity!”

– Team Willow

Willow Yard Sign Design
Willow Business Card Designs
5 Star Reviews Graphic

“delivered high quality work and a great value.”

– Bill S.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“quick to respond and exceeded my expectations”

– Danielle M.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

“beautiful and effective marketing”

– Mary P.


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