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Daley Design created a vibrant and unique brand for Christine’s Salsa that helped to establish it as a leader in the industry. By emphasizing Christine’s personality and conducting market research, Daley Design created a successful branding strategy that increased sales and expanded the product line, highlighting the importance of understanding the brand’s vision and mission. Read more below.

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Daley Design was approached by Christine, the founder of Christine’s Salsa, to design the branding and packaging for her salsa products. Christine had started with only a few salsa products and since the rebrand and package design, has now expanded to over 15 products, including hot sauce, spices, and rubs. The challenge was to create a brand that was vibrant, fun, and bright that stood out from the competition.

Christine's Salsa

The Design Process:

Daley Design started by understanding Christine’s vision and mission for her brand. Christine wanted her products to be fun, exciting, and full of flavor, reflecting her own personality. Daley Design conducted extensive market research to identify the competition and the target audience. 

Based on the research, Daley Design came up with a branding strategy that emphasized Christine’s personality and the uniqueness of her products. The strategy involved creating a brand that was vibrant, fun, and bright, with bold graphics and colorful packaging.

Daley Design started by creating a logo that reflected the personality of the brand. The logo had a bold, handwritten font with a green color that represented the freshness and flavor of Christine’s products. The logo was simple and easy to recognize, making it easy for customers to identify Christine’s products.

The packaging design was also a crucial part of the branding strategy. Daley Design created a series of colorful packaging designs for Christine’s salsa products, with each product having its unique color and design. The design team used bold graphics, bright colors, and fun illustrations to make the packaging stand out on store shelves.

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The rebranding of Christine’s Salsa was a massive success. The new branding and packaging design helped Christine’s products to stand out from the competition, and her sales increased significantly. Customers were attracted to the vibrant and fun packaging, and the quality of the products exceeded their expectations.

Christine’s brand has now become known for its fun, exciting, and full-of-flavor products. The brand has expanded its product line to include hot sauces, spices, and rubs, and the sales continue to grow. The branding and packaging design by Daley Design have helped Christine’s brand to establish itself as a leader in the salsa industry, and the vibrant, fun, and bright design reflects the personality of the brand and the quality of the products. After all, who doesn’t love Taco Night?!

Salsa Package Design
Spices Package Design


Daley Design’s branding and packaging design for Christine’s Salsa helped to establish the brand as a leader in the salsa industry. The vibrant, fun, and bright design reflects Christine’s personality and the quality of her products, making it easy for customers to recognize and identify the brand. The success of the rebranding has led to an expansion of the product line, and the sales continue to grow. Daley Design’s design process shows the importance of understanding the vision and mission of the brand, conducting market research, and creating a branding and packaging design that reflects the personality and uniqueness of the brand.

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