Rebranding and Renaming for Trivergix Group

Mesa Logistic Group engaged Daley Design to rebrand and rename their organization to differentiate it from its sister company, Mesa Moving & Storage, and to better represent their unique values and offerings. The primary goal was to create a distinct and memorable brand identity that resonates with their target audience and supports their growth objectives.

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Client: Mesa Logistic Group
Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Project: Rebranding and Renaming
Agency: Daley Design


  • Market Differentiation: Reduce brand confusion between sister company with similar name and logo.
  • Prepare for New Product Launch: Align the brand with the app.
  • Expand Market Reach: Transition from a global to an international presence.
  • Build Emotional Connection: Foster a deeper relationship with clients.
  • Enhance Brand Clarity: Clearly convey the essence of their services.


  1. Customer and Internal Surveys With the help of Mesa’s Marketing Director, we conducted surveys with selected clients and staff to gather insights and feedback on the current brand perception and expectations for the new identity.
  2. Brand Naming We developed a list of potential new brand names and taglines, ensuring alignment with the client’s goals and target audience. Thorough research on trademarks and name availability was conducted, culminating in the selection of the name “Trivergix Group.”
  3. Logo Development Daley Design created a comprehensive branding presentation featuring the new logo, color palette, font choices, and examples of brand implementation across various media.
  4. Final Logo Package We provided an approved brand design, including all logo files (vector and digital formats), a brand style guide with usage guidelines, brand colors, fonts, and trademark logos.

The New Brand: Trivergix Group

Brand Naming and Logo

  • Name: Trivergix Group
    • Meaning: Derived from “converge,” symbolizing the convergence of reliability, excellence, and partnership. The Tri-Checked icon reflects a triple-check commitment to quality and reliability.
  • Logo Variations:
    • Primary Logo: Includes the wordmark “Trivergix Group” and the Tri-Checked icon.
    • Vertical Logo: Stacked design for limited horizontal space.
    • Tri-Checked Icon: Used independently for brand recognition in small-scale applications.

Color Palette

  • Mesa Dark Blue: Professionalism, stability, trustworthiness.
  • Dynamic Bright Blue: Innovation, modernity, freshness.
  • Prestige Purple: Creativity, wisdom, premium service.
  • Electric Green: Growth, vitality, eco-friendliness.
  • Shades of Gray: Neutral backdrop enhancing readability and aesthetics.


  • Type Stylesheet: Includes headline, subheads, body text, footer, pull quotes, and citations, ensuring consistency and legibility across all communications.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

  • Mission: Empower businesses with seamless logistics solutions that drive efficiency, reliability, and growth.
  • Vision: Become the leading provider of FF&E logistics solutions, known for customer satisfaction, innovation, and excellence.
  • Core Values: Reliability, Excellence, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation.



The rebranding process included several key steps:

  1. Detailed Creative Brief: Outlined project objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes.
  2. Customer Interviews: Gathered insights on client needs and brand perception.
  3. Market Research: Analyzed industry trends and competitive landscape.
  4. Naming Exercises: Developed and tested potential brand names.
  5. Naming Presentations: Presented shortlisted names and research findings.
  6. Logo Presentations: Showcased logo options and brand elements.
  7. Brand Guidelines: Created a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistent brand application.


5 Star Reviews Graphic

“Daley Design exceeded our expectations with our rebranding efforts. The final option we settled upon helped us clarify our message, and the tools we received from them have proven invaluable to our marketing efforts.”

– Tim B., Trivergix Group 


The rebranding and renaming of Mesa Logistic Group to Trivergix Group successfully differentiated the company from its sister company, enhanced brand clarity, and created a strong emotional connection with clients. The new brand identity, with its modern and focused approach, positions Trivergix Group as a leader in the logistics industry, ready to expand its market reach and support the launch of new products.

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5 Star Reviews Graphic

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– Bill S.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

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– Danielle M.

5 Star Reviews Graphic

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– Mary P.


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